TurboTax Data Breach leads to legal troubles

TurboTax data breach

This tax year of 2014 has been one of the worst years for tax fraud in history. It may be due to the huge number of identity thieves getting the information of thousands of Americans. One company, in particular, turboTax, had been breached and did not warn the public right away as to how badly they had been affected.  This has also started a batch of legal problems for the company after customers began filing TurboTax lawsuits.

Damage from the TurboTax data breach

Many customers who had used TurboTax for the 2013 tax year, had their information stolen and then reused to fraudulently file for the 2014 taxes. Some of the victims were able to log in and see if the thief had indeed used their credentials and previous history to file fake tax returns and have them sent to their name. Some of the thieves would sign themselves onto the check at the end as the cosigner, so the check would be made out to their name.

How the damage has been managed

TurboTax caught some of the fake checks going out, but that did not stop all the problems. Some of the stopped checks were to pay for the fee incurred as a result of using their E-filing and online tax service. People were sent bills for services they never asked for or received. There are reports that even some of the previous customers are being harassed to prove it wasn’t them and that they deserve a refund.
Another nightmare which has happened is that the identity thieves are also opening up fake accounts using the information they stole, and also getting fake tax returns sent in their name. With the millions of people that have been hit with the insurance identity thefts, these names are being cycled through TurboTax until they find a match that works.

What you should do if you’ve been affected by the TurboTax data breach

If you have been the victim of identity theft, and TurboTax was used to either create a fake account, or your information was stolen, you may be able to join a TurboTax class action lawsuit.  You should speak to a law firm who handles data breaches to see if you qualify.

Xarelto Bleeding Injuries

xarelto bleeding injuries

As time goes one, the number of Xarelto lawsuits continue to grow. Through a strong campaign of TV ads and internet advertisements, consumers are becoming aware of the internal bleeding risks associated with the oral anticoagulant. One of the advertisements on TV warn of problems with bleeding, but they do not really give an accurate scope of how big the bleeding problems can become.  Xarelto may be associated with a number of side effects which could lead to bleeding injuries from Xarelto.

After the FDA sent out a warning, the public became aware of the possible bleeding risks which may be associated with Xarelto and other oral anticoagulants.

Gastrointestinal bleeding due to Xarelto

If a person takes Xarelto, it causes the blood to become thinner, which makes it more difficult to clot. If there is bleeding in the stomach, the stomach may not be able to stop the bleeding, and the patient may notice problems which cause blood to appear in their stools. If a person loses enough blood they could become faint or dizzy

Cerebral Hemorrhage due to Xarelto

This is another huge problem with Xarelto, A Cerebral Hemorrhage or a stroke due to excessive blood on the brain may lead to severe brain damage which could be permanent or fatal if not treated right away.

Uncontrolled Bleeding due to Xarelto

Uncontrolled bleeding could also be another huge problem associated with Xarelto. Unlike other products on the market which are blood thinners like Warfarin and Coumadin, Xarelto has no antidote or reversal agent to stop the blood thinning effects. If a person sustain an injury which is serious enough, that person may bleed out from Xarelto and there is nothing that could be done to stop it without a blood transfusion to replace the blood wtih Xarelto, with new blood which doesn’t contain the blood thinning agent.

What to do if you or a loved one has been affected by Xarelto

If you or a family member has been injured or serious affected negatively by Xarelto, you should speak with a product liability lawyer for free consultation. If you are eligible to file a Xarelto lawsuit for bleeding injuries such as a cerebral hemorrhage, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

Invokana May Cause DKA

Invokana injuries

Invokana’s Seriously Adverse Side Effects has Patient’s Worried about DKA

Invokana and other SGLT2 inhibitors have recently been cited by the FDA as having a higher risk of developing DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis than previously though. Normally DKA is not seen in type ii diabetes patients, but for some reason it was being found by patients who took Invokana. A Clinical study was done, and it appears there are some other risk factors involved with Invokana which were not announced at the time the product was released.

DKA Starts Class Action

Diabetic ketoacidosis is the primary complaint for the Invokana class action lawsuit. It is a blood condition which changed the alkalinity of the blood and causes it to become more acidic. If the acid levels and the ketone levels become too high is can lead to a number of systemic failures in the body which could cause serious injury or death. Patients may require emergency treatment such as dialysis to keep the kidneys from failing. Patients may also need large amounts of fluids restored if they become dehydrated from the fluid loss. This could make a patient become faint or dizzy.

One of the problems with DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis is that the symptoms mirror that of low blood sugar. It may take a while before a person recognizes they have developed DKA. That is why if you have or believe you may have DKA it is important to get medical treatment right away. After that though you should speak with a qualified lawyer immediately to see if you may be eligible for an Invokana lawsuit.

The manufacturer should have warned patients ahead of time of the dangerous side effect, DKA, and did not have it as a warning on the label. Another problem is that patients may develop a stroke or a heart attack due to the raised LDL cholesterol levels.  These injuries are severe and many people may be eligible for compensation through an Invokana DKA Lawsuit.

Speak with a lawyer today if you have been injured due to Invokana.

Fantasy Football Leagues in Trouble

Fanatasy Football Draftkings

Fantasy Football Leagues DraftKings and FanDuel being investigated due to alleged insider trading.

Do you play fantasy football with either Draft kings or Fan Duel? Are you aware of the recent investigation by the New York Attorney general into whether insider trading played a factor into winnings by the Draft King’s company employees? News broke after one of the employees, Haskell, won 350,000 dollars after playing week 3 of fantasy football. This employee may have had access to the stats of the players right before the data was release to be published on the web.
Haskell entered into FanDuel 40 minutes before the new information was released. His winnings at the time wasn’t against the company policy of Draft Kings, but it has raised a lot of eyebrows as to how the Fantasy Football leauges are run without regulations. It was through that the two companies ran seperate contests, or picted their winners differently, but that isn’t the case.
Both websites use identical information from the NFL to be plotted into their contests which also pick winners who play the same. So a person from Draft Kings could, in a way, have an edge if they were to have this informatio before the update is release, and can play according to the rules and win.

How the Fantasy Football Industry May Change.

We may begin to see a whole new set a laws and rules soon which regulate this industry, but until that happens, many people who play fantasy football are looking into joining fantasy football lawsuits for the alleged insider trading which occurred.
People may have been cheated out of earnings which may have happened if the employees didn’t cheat their way allegedly with company data to increase their earnings. It is said that Draft Kings employees have earned over 6 million dollars from Fan Duel from cash contests and prizes.  In conntection with the investigation, lawyers are investigating the need for a possible Draft Kings Fantasy Football class action lawsuit Speak with our lawyers today if you would like to join a fantasy football lawsuit.

Audi May See Recall Soon of A3 TDI Models

audi soon to be recalled

Dieselgate to affect Audi A3 TDI diesels

The official Audi recall hasn’t happened yet, but it is soon to be over the horizon. The German automaker, VW has announced that they are working to fix the problems which make the cars legally eligible to drive due to the NO2 emissions in major countries in Europe and the United States.
The scandal broke in the middle of September which came from an independent green watchdog group. The group studied a series of cars to see if in fact they are indeed as clean as they say they are. To many people’s surprise, the VW cars appeared to come with a trick up their sleeve.

Discovery of the Defeat Device

The watchdog group discovered that while the car is in a diagnostic’s mode when hooked up to a computer, the car changed the way the engine behaves and released a significantly lower about of exhaust. This let the car’s exhaust levels to drop low enough to be sold in major countries without having to make major modifications. One could only speculate why a company would invest time in software engineers to design, configure, and install these defeat devices on their cars.

It was found out later that the CEO may have had information about the defeat devices as early as a year and a half ago, which meant there was knowledge of the incident, but no actions had been taken, or recall been initated. This has been a huge stain on the comapnies image and reputation which has come under fire due to the diesel scandal.

Cars that have been affected

The cars which have been affected include a 2.0 cylindar diesel engine and can be found on cars manufactured between 2009 and 2015. The cars include the VW jetta, Beetle, Passat, and the Audi A3 which may be involved in a possible Audi class action lawsuit soon.
If you own an Audi A3 and you have been affected by the soon to be anounced Audi recall, you should speak with our lawyers.

IVC Filter Injuries Prompt Lawsuits

ivc filter injuries

IVC Filters Receive FDA Warning

Two companies who manufacture the IVC Filters which are the subject of a recent lawsuit, are C.R. Bard and the Cook Medical companies. These companies manufacture a filter which is intended to stop blood clots from passing through the system. Under normal conditions where a patient is unable to take oral anticoagulants, an IVC filter may be surgically implanted. However, these two companies have been the topic of FDA warning as to injuries which are being reported.

Defects and Injuries related to IVC filters

One of the biggest problems with the IVC filters is that they may break or fracture once inside the cavity. This could lead to a puncture of the blood vessel and lead to internal bleeding. If the puncture happens next to a vital organ, this could lead to an even more serious injury if the puncture is not detected right away.
When the IVC Filter breaks also, parts of the IVC filter may migrate along the blood vessel until it becomes stuck or embedded. This could also lead to other problems due to the tiny fragment moving around. It would be very difficult to locate the fragment, and may require several attempts to find it.
Another big dilemma is that some doctors may forget to remove the IVC filter altogether. This could lead to a serious infection or even cause the device to migrate over time. If the device migrates to the heart or the lungs, it may lead to an embolism or another form of a blood clot. It may require emergency surgery to remove the device.

What to do if you have been injured due to an IVC Filter

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an IVC filter, you should speak with a lawyer right away about your legal rights to pursue an IVC filter lawsuit.  An IVC filter lawsuit may offer compensation for migration, fracturing, embolism, and other complications which may happen as a result of using these filter.

Sony Data Breach Lawsuit

Sony Data Breach Lawsuit

Whats Going On With Sony?

Within the last couple of months, Sony’s hacking story has sent most of the entertainment world on a long and confusing roller coaster of a ride. The number of leaks have stacked one on top of the other with seemingly no end in sight. Yes, most of us are familiar with the violation, but what do you know about who’s responsible for these actions as well as the total impact this breach will have on the company itself?

Impact On Sony Pictures

Lets start with the impact on Sony Pictures, the company itself. The company took a financial hit. The hackers released not one, but three of the company’s unreleased films, that were originally scheduled to be released in 2015. When one considers the substantial costs that go into the making of a big budget film as well the potential profits that are estimated to come from that movie, you can be assured that its more than a wink and a smile. The combination of three major films being pulled from the race before it even starts has to have had a major impact on Sony Pictures finances. Also, employees have launched a class action lawsuit against the company for failing to protect their privacy. We should also consider the impact it could have on Sony’s other forms of intellectual property. The hackers also leaked data that was complete with security certificates and private passwords. What was once considered confidential information is now public knowledge (i.e. marketing and advertising strategies and layouts.)

Impact on Sony Employees

Sony employees have had to suffer with personal security issues. Though this threat was first addressed to the company’s CEO, it certainly did not end there. Employees eventually experienced it first hand when the first piece of data, which contained employee salaries, was leaked. Attackers threatened them through their emails. Mailboxes of executives were also leaked.

The Ripple Effect

To say that the only people effected by the Sony data breach are Sony and its employees would be far from the truth. To the contrary, the impacts of this breach are both hard-hitting and far reaching. The breach seems to be effecting business relationships; after being accused of being a means to stem piracy, Google is now refusing to ever work with MPAA or the Verge again. It has intruded upon the personal lives of Hollywood celebrities; phone numbers and aliases of certain well-known figures have been exposed. It has also affected the way news outlets report about the story; Sony Pictures’ attorney has demanded that news organizations stop publishing information from stolen leaks, or they would have to take responsibility for any damage caused.

So Who Did It?

Speculation continues to grow as the search for the exact individuals responsible continues. Though nothing has been cemented at this time, the FBI have put their attention towards North Korea, and though they are tight-lipped about the evidence that points in this direction (due to security reasons) we do know that the attack was traced to a hotel in Bangkok. One of the warnings sent to the company warned that they should “stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism.” This comment, of course, is in reference to the movie that is in the midst of this controversy, “The Interview” which is said to mention an attack on North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un. The exact details still remain ambiguous, but what we do know is that this incident is sure to have an effect on the way major companies protect themselves from breach violations as well as the punishments that ensue.

Healthcare Industry Data Breaches

Healthcare Data Breach

A data breach is a cyber criminal attack that occurs when thieves break into businesses’ computer networks.  More simply, a data breach is an incident in which confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen, or used by an individual who is unauthorized to do so.  Hackers perform data breaches in order to steal names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit and debit card information, and healthcare information, which they then turn around and sell on the online black market for a profit.

Medical records have everything that hackers performing data breaches could ever want: birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, insurance identification numbers, protected health information, and more.  According to Reuters, healthcare data is more valuable to hackers than credit and debit card numbers because the data can be sold on the black market for more money and then used to access bank accounts or obtain prescriptions for controlled substances.  Also, the fact that healthcare entities manage this sensitive information and such large amounts of it paints a target on the back of the healthcare industry as a whole.  Another reason why the healthcare industry is such an attractive data breach target is because the sensitive information that the industry manages is not protected well enough.  The growing number of access points to patients’ sensitive information, through the increased practice of electronically storing medical records as well as the increased use of the cloud and wirelessly connected devices, makes the healthcare industry especially vulnerable to data breaches.  Healthcare organizations are often understaffed in their IT departments and don’t have the manpower to handle the amount of sensitive information that they use and store on their networks, making the industry even more susceptible to hackers.

Experian, a global information services firm, recently released its 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast Report.  The report stated that healthcare organizations will need to step up their cyber security and data breach preparedness as soon as possible because data breaches may continue to increase in the coming years.  Even the FBI released a private notice to the healthcare industry back in April 2014, warning healthcare entities that their cyber security systems are lax compared to other sectors.  The notice stated, “The healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to financial and retail sectors, therefore the possibilities of increased cyber intrusions is likely.”

Data breach lawsuits are currently being filed against healthcare organizations on behalf of patients whose information was stolen.  Attorneys around the nation contend, and rightfully so, that these healthcare organizations failed to protect their patients’ private information and did not alert them of the data breaches in a timely manner, possibly causing them even more harm.  If you have been a victim of identity theft or identity fraud due to a data breach, you may be entitled to compensation from the organization responsible for keeping your information safe.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Metal on Metal Hip Replacements

metal on metal hip

Metal on Metal Hip Implant Injuries

Increase in hip injury and fracture cases are on the rise due to many accidents that modern individuals are involved in. Injuries and pains that accompany such accidents are usually minimized through surgical repairs, which revolve around replacing the injured natural hip joint with an artificial joint or an implant. These surgical processes have been going on for more than three centuries, and are done to mainly to repair an injured or fractured hip joint or to replace a wearing joint. They are also done to reduce pains that come with such injuries and to increase mobility. Even though these surgical processes are done by qualified and experienced surgeons, thousands of controversial cases have been noted to occur as a result of defective hip devices that are negligently manufactured, thereby leading to even much worse injuries, which may require revision surgeries that surgeons are cautious to perform due to the risks that are involved.

Stryker Hip Replacement Controversies

Recurring metal on metal hip implant injuries have been objectively blamed on negligence of leading manufacturers such as Stryker Corporation who are majorly blamed for providing metal hip implant components, which cause more injuries, instead of providing positive remedies. The 2 of Stryker’s hip replacements have been recalled and highly blamed for causing cobalt and chromium poisonings, damage and death of soft tissues and organs, inflammations, infections and even increased dislocations. It is at the backdrop of such serious injuries and dangers that Stryker Corporation was recently forced to settle several thousands of claims that were related to their defective devices. They were forced to reach a settlement of 1.4 billion dollars due to their negligence after a landmark ruling by a New Jersey State Superior Court Judge.

Types of Hip Implants

There are two main types of hip implants, which formed the basis of the landmark ruling against Stryker Corporation. The most common ones include; metal on metal hip implant and ceramic hip implant.

– Metal on Metal Hip Implant

This type of hip implant formed the basis of lawsuits against Stryker Corporation as they are well known for manufacturing metallic bearings and devices that are used in hip surgeries. It involves the use of metallic devices made from cobalt chromium, alloy and at times stainless steel. Even though most lawsuit controversies revolve around metal on metal hip implant injuries, it has been noted that some of its advantages include: Reduced wear, less bone loss and reduced inflammation. However, some of the disadvantages noted to this effect include: numerous fretting, cobalt and chromium poisoning, increased dislocations and numerous joint infections.

– Ceramic Hip Implants

Despite the fact that they have not be used for long compared to metal on metal hip implants, ceramic hip implants are said to be the best of the two. This is because ceramic heads and devices are harder and more durable than metallic devices. They are resistant to scratches, are ultra smooth on the surface and their potential wear rate are far much reduced compared to metal on metal hip implants. Their high-strength nature makes them a perfect choice for reducing recurring hip injuries.

Additionally, they are advantageous in the sense that they are free of poisonous components that characterizes metal hip implants. With this in mind, it is crucial to note that ceramic hip implants have no notable cons, and is the ultimate option.
To this end, it is vital to note that hip surgeries are physically taxing and expensive to the patients. Even though leading manufacturing companies such as Stryker Corporation always downplay the complications of metal on metal hip implant injuries, it is easily noticeable that metal hip implant surgeries are not only painful, but also dangerous. Therefore, if you have to undergo a hip implant surgery, then a ceramic hip implant may be a sound solution.

Xarelto Lawsuit News

Xarelto Lawsuit News

Side Effects of Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) may Outweight its Benifits

The only way a clinical medication is allowed to be used by the general public is when it has been ascertained that it has more benefits than risks. While this is true for some of the medication there are some that raise eyebrows on their usefulness especially when the side effects are considered and one of these is Xarelto and this is more so given the severity of the side effects that are couples with the use of the drug. A closer look at this drug can do plenty in ensuring that people are more enlightened of the risk that they stand when they decide to use the drug.

How Xarelto thins the blood.

Xarelto is a drug that is used as an anticoagulant for patients that have undergone knee and hip surgery and is used to reduce the chances of blood forming harmful clots in the veins that can pose a serious health risk. The only problem is that while this might save your life in some cases, it can also cost you your life in most of the instances. Xarelto can also be used to relieve a number of other conditions that can be life threatening as well.

Side effects to be concerned about

These are some of the reasons that the medical world has been a buzz considering the potential dangers that the side effects of this drug can cause. Some of the simpler and less concerning side effects that can arise from the use of Xarelto include constipation, diarrhea, faster heart rate, fever, headaches and some itching.

However, on the more serious side which is proving to be more common that would be expected there are side effects like blood problems, bruising, uncontrolled bleeding, heavy or longer menstrual periods, lower blood pressure and there are also the kidney problems that have been associated with the use of this medication.

There are also a variety of other conditions that have been noted to be initiated by the use of Xarelto or in the least it increases the chances of one seriously suffering from a variety of these conditions.

These Blood clot injuries include

  • Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT),
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE),

While using this drug, the patient also has increased chances of suffering from

  • Stroke (cerebral hemorrhaging) as well as
  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhaging or internal bleeding.

It is evident that the drug may have more repercussions than benefits.
The greatest risk.

It is usually said that wherever there is a Ying, there is a Yang. However, in the case of Xarelto, there is one that is missing which makes the use of this drug minus the side effect a big risk in its own right. As it stands, there is no reverse drug that has been formulated that can help the blood to clot should the need arise. This makes the drug liable to lead to death should a person that is using this drug incur a serious injury. They would bleed to death since the blood would not be able to clot and there is no drug in the market currently that can reverse the effects of Xarelto.

It is now clear to see why there are some lawsuits that have been levelled against Xarelto considering the risk that using the drug poses and it is a genuine one at that.